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The really intrepid wildlife watchers love waterfalls. If you're willing to get completely drenched you'll have a chance to see frogs and other wetland animals in their mostly untouched habitat.

Often you have to swim through a drop pond to get near the waterfall, keeping all your clothes on as the water maybe colder than nearby. They also avoid cuts and bruises.

wildwater swim in clothes
wildwater swim in clothes


The best part of any wetland hike is an opportunity to shower under a waterfall. You begin to realize this when the refreshingly cool water rushes over you. You’ll never forget this wonderful experience and neither will your hiking companions.

When you step under the waterfall, put your hood up or it fills with water. However, it may become very noisy when the waterfall hits your hood. Expect a strong massage as the gushing water hits your back.

wildwater swim in clothes
waterfall wildwater swim fully clothed


Should you need a bit of a jump start for your adrenal glands, climb up the waterfall. Sometimes there is a space behind the waterfall which you can reach if you through through it. Watch out for unique plants and animals. Be careful not to step on any of them. There may be opportunities for you to jump off into the drop ponds at various locations along the cliff face.

wildwater swim in clothes
wildwater swim in clothes Be careful where you go. Rock surfaces may be slippery.


If that seems too intense for you, then simply bathe in the drop pond. Swimming or floating in the gently moving water surounded by nature is a great way to relax after your wildlife watching adventures.

Fully immersed, floating on your back with the hood up, is a beautifully relaxing experience. As you lower your head into the water, the hood fills up and you can hear the roar of the waterfall.

swimming in a waterfall eddy

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