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Pool Parties: Celebrate Your Wet Hobby

When the summer sun hits there’s nothing more fun than getting wet. Make a splash with an epic pool party and you’ll be the coolest dude on the block.

Whether you've got an Olympic-sized pool, a backyard party in your pool, a splash pool, or even just some sprinklers, make it the most memorable bash of the season. Pool parties can be a small gathering in a bathroom, or a massive water party in a huge disco like in Ibiza, Spain.

Pool parties are intended to be fun, relaxing occasions filled with unstructured activity. You are meant to just enjoy the pool, good food, and socializing. Swimming along with a group of likeminded people is a fun experience, sometimes a challenge and always a great way to make new friends and travel to new destinations.

What happens at a Pool Party?

The thrill is that you wear comfy casual clothes in the water, not swimwear. That's the whole point. You dress in comfy clothes without the worry of staying dry. You know your clothes will get wet, so you bring a spare set for your way home.

For many guests this is their first time to go into a pool with all their clothes on, so it comes as a surprise how good it feels. This cheers them up.

Dry Phase

Some guests can be a bit tense with anticipation while they are still dry. They stand around the pool, chat and get to know each other while enjoying the buffet.

Mixed Phase

As the host you can arrange with a friend to pour some water over you from a small bucket or glass to get your clothes partially wet. You the return the favour and pour some water over his clothes.

Fun games that splash your guests and bring them to the pool. Make sure everybody's clothes get a bit wet. Once they're soaked they will be more relaxed.

Pool Phase

When people are gathered around a pool who are fully clothed (i.e., not in swimsuits), someone's going to end up in that pool, either by falling in or being pushed. Sometimes by jumping in for fun.

Ask your friend to push you carefully into the pool. It will be a big laugh when you surface fully clothed and get out of the pool dripping wet. Soon everyone will be in the pool.

Fall into the pool with your clothes on.
Pool party with students in wet clothes.

Cosy Phase

After the buffet and games, guests tend to snuggle up to each other in the pool and chat about this new wet experience. For many it is a great turn on. Once they start kissing and hugging each other the party is in full swing.


Reader Comment: Parties in the Local Pool

by Sascha from Germany

Twice a week on Friday and Saturday our local pool organises a pool party.

This is always the highlight of the week for me. It makes a difference from the usual lane swimming. Everybody dresses up to look good in fun sports clothes or comfy casuals. There is always a prize for the best dressed guest whose clothes look cool when wet.

Before we're allowed into the pool, we have to take a naked shower for hygiene reasons. Then we dry off and put on our clean party clothes. I usually wear shorts and tee under sweatshirt and unlined sports pants or jeans.

When we go to the pool we often play a thrilling game to see how long we can stay dry. We chat and walk around the pool, avoiding to get pushed in. I find this very exciting, trying to keep my clothes dry, but knowing any moment now I'll be soaking wet.

Walking the plank (diving board) is also a popular game. You stand on the board in your dry clothes and answer a few questions. If you get one wrong, you have to jump into the pool.

The lifeguards leave buckets on the poolside, which we use to splash or soak others. I'm often half soaked by the time I get pushed or pulled into the pool.

pool party swimming in clothes
pool party swimming in clothes
Swimming like this is fun.

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