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Our Daily Swim Camp Training

Every day before breakfast we enjoyed our social morning swim. While relaxing in the pool we got briefed about the day's training programme.

During swim camp we always do our daily swim training, consisting of a good mix of methods, kind of an aquatic cross training. However, since we had access to the unique facilities of this training centre, our training was somewhat different.

A typical swim training was split into three parts, with about an hour break in between:

  1. Endurance swimming in tight swimsuits
  2. Resistance swimming in jeans and T-shirt
  3. Strength training in whatever we like, as long as it's heavy

Getting Ready

An hour after breakfast we dressed in our full body swimsuits for the endurance swim training. I quite like these full body suits, even if FINA has banned them for racing. Since I don't swim in competitions and only compete against myself, I don't care.

Caspian always wears an anorak on top of his swimsuit to and from the pool, and between heats. He reckons it is better than a swim parka. It dries quicker, weighs less, and he likes swim in it during warm up and then again during warm down after training. The real reason is probably that he simply loves swimming in this outfit, just like me.

Part 1: Endurance Swimming for Beginners

    Training Distance: 1100 meters including warm up and cool down
    Swimwear: Fullbody speed suits

  1. Warm up 200 meters, 4 lengths

  2. Flutter kick on side. Lie on one side with lower arm extended, ear resting on arm, upper arm along body. Hold on to a board with top hand if necessary. Kick from hips (not knees), looking up and keeping knees and side or back of head in water. 50 meters.

  3. Flutter kick with kickboard (keep head in water and breathe to both sides; 5 x 50 meters.

  4. Swim at a moderate to hard intensity for 5 laps, taking a breath every 3 strokes. Take 50 to 60 seconds to swim each lap, resting at the wall if you have extra time. 2 x 50 meters.

  5. Swim easy for 2 laps, taking 1 to 1:15 minutes to swim each lap. 100 meters.

  6. Swim at a moderate intensity, 2 laps. 100 meters.

  7. Cool down, 200 meters, easy.
Rest and repeat as often as required.

After this session we dry off and change into T-shirt and jeans for the next session after a well deserved break.

Part 2: Resistance Swimming

    Training Distance: 800 meters including warm up and cool down
    Swimwear: T-shirt and Jeans, Fins (Flippers)

  1. Warm up 200 meters, 4 lengths moderate speed.

  2. Swim as fast you can for 100 meters.

  3. Relaxed backstroke for 100m.

  4. Jump in and climb out for 1 minute as fast as you can.

  5. With fins swim 200 meters. This is quite hard on the legs, as the fins give the forward power and your clothes slow you down.

  6. Warm down 200 meters, 4 lengths moderate speed.

After this session we dry off again and change into thicker clothes during the break.

Part 3: Heavy Freestyle

    Training Distance: 600 meters including warm up and cool down
    Swimwear: Hoodie and long trousers or such, Fins (Flippers)

  1. Warm up 100 meters, 2 lengths moderate speed.

  2. With fins swim 200 meters. As above, just harder.

  3. Warm down 100 meters, 2 lengths moderate speed.
hooded cotton swimsuit
hooded cotton swimsuit

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