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Puerto Galera Snorkeling

Puerto Galera is among the top diving destinations in the Philippines. The water is warm and clear. Remember to take quick-drying clothes and sun ponchos.

Excellent diving is found a short boat trip from Sabang Beach. The diving generally focuses around the areas either side of Escarceo Point. Marine life is highly diverse, many species of fish can be seen. A variety of wrecks can be explored.

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Coral Reef

In the summer of 1998, extensive coral bleaching occurred around Medio Island and a large section of a shallow coral reef system (referred to as the "Coral Gardens") died. Since then the coral has regrown with a larger diversity of coral species replacing the prolific table corals. Corals in Puerto Galera were largely unaffected by the 2010 El Niño event.

In 2006 two super typhoons damaged the shallow reefs around Escarceo Point. A major section of the faster-growing coral species growing up to a depth of 6 metres (20 ft) was destroyed. This represented about 5% of the coral reef in the area. Extensive signs of new coral recruitment were noted in mid-2008. Acropora species (staghorn and table coral) rapidly recolonised the area so that most of the damaged coral has been replaced with new growth.

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